Finding out: How the world works (an inquiry into multiple forms of energy)

Kids are grasping and unpacking the central idea about energy under the transdisciplinary theme How the world works.

After our tuning in activity with the chickpeas and lentils children wanted to know more and more about energy resources. So we watched a video about green energy where a robot was floating through different landscapes, giving us information about toured of energy nature provide us, explaining future possibilities.

Then children gave a feedback on the video by completing a Y chart (I see, I think, I wonder) with their questions and drawings.

As they had a lot of questions they started the next phase: finding out.
Some kids wanted to work individually, others in pairs and most girls in the class asked if they could do their research in small groups. After they decided how to form their groups they had a little discussion about the central idea and started their research using key concept questions. They used books from the library, talking to their parents and researching all kind of information about energy resources on Google to sort them out later.

I didn’t have to wait long to have some girls approaching and asking me if they could have material to make a poster, would I print them some pictures… etc. Others came to me and asked if they could make a power point presentation to tell the rest of the class what they have found out.

Each group have come up with similar ideas comparing and contrasting renewable energy vs non-renewable energy.

At the moment we have the fruit of kids’ hard work, some new posters in the classroom showing their thoughts and helping to deepen their knowledge on the topic. So the journey continues.

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