Welcome to Miss T. PYPs nuggets!

My name is Lili Thomson AKA Miss T. I’m a devoted teacher currently live in Madrid, working to make the world a better place through PYP.
I got my degree as Primary teacher specialised in English and children with special needs. After finishing school, I spent a couple of years in several countries teaching English as second language for various age groups, at different levels. This is when I started my first website www.misstesl.com to collect some of the popular activities into one place.

I kept updating the site with fresh content when I took an opportunity and started working in a Montessori school as an early childhood guide, in Madrid. As an ESL teacher, I could use most of the activities from there and developed much more, too.

However, when I changed location and took a position as primary teacher in a PYP candidate school, I felt the need to start fresh. This was the moment when www.misstpyp.com was born. Miss T. PYP is entirely about the PYP classroom.

PYP stands for Primary Years Program and it’s the framework for the primary years of the International Baccalaureate program. The main pillar of the frame is the inquiry based learning. Kids are not being taught but being guided to ask questions and look for answers.

Trying to implement the PYP by teachers with a traditional teaching mindset can be extremely miserable experience. It doesn’t only require and growth-mindset but a completely backward thinking logic, as well. If the change doesn’t come from inside but it’s demanded by a new school policy it’s a cardinal pain for everyone.

I’ve seen several times teachers suffering with the concepts of PYP totally refusing everything even remotely related to it. I have also seen great transformations when people let grasping the roots and immerse themselves in the river of new ideas.

On Miss T. PYP, I would like to share stories and ideas to help get some ideas to build upon in their classes. Methods that can be used in the day to day activities and of course some fun stories from my classroom, as well.

In case you would like to get in touch with me, please use the contact us page or my twitter @misstesl and I get back to you, as soon as possible.

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