Exhibition Diary Week 4.

Our Exhibition inquiry continues with more excitements and explorations. Kids are collecting evidence, information and answers tho their lines of inquiry.

30th January 2018.

Meanwhile we were waiting for the answers from experts on our topics, kids continue their research using various resources, comparing them and making conclusions. We use the library, iPads, phones and computers. Students are online and offline asking mentors, teachers, friends, family or whoever can help them with the theme.

31st January 2018.

We have an answer!!!! They replied to the e-mail that my “Deforestation” group sent to some experts. Our boys have been in contact with the “Official School of Forest Engineers” aaaand guess what they will have an interview!!!! I’m so excited. And obviously they are, too.
Now we have to prepare the questions properly. Organise a lift there, ask authorisation from coordinator to leave school, ask authorisation from parents to let their kids go with one of the mums or dads of the kids to the interview. Those parents have to organise their time and leave work early or arrive there late. Sooooo many things to do.

Other groups are still waiting for hearing back from experts. I suggested them to contact with various experts just in case the first contact on the list doesn’t have time to meet them.

1st February 2018.

My other group whose topic is the Dangers of Social media, got an answer, too.

They are going to have an interview next week with a lawyer who is specialised on Rights of under-aged children connected with social media. They have a lot of things to do. Questions should be well prepared and sent to the lady (the lawyer) in advance so she would be able to get ready and answer them properly. We are going through the questions again and again before they were going to be ready to send.

We also have to book a meeting room where they can do the interview in tranquility and professionally without any interruption. As it is a school that promotes open spaces (we have no walls or doors) it is not always a quiet place… So girls went to the secretary to ask meeting rooms availability for their interview. The room is booked but apparently I have to go to confirm it as they could only book it under my name.

2nd February 2018.

Action ideas

As some of the groups have almost finished with their investigations and most of them are ready to think about ideas that they want to put in practice. It was time for a brainstorm. So today we had an assembly about action ideas. Kids were giving me ideas in what way we can take action and realised that taking action is not only creating something but it is also changing of feelings about something, changing of their thinking or developing new habits of their own or helping people to understand facts better.

I believe that knowledge without action is like planting a seed and not watering it after. Now a lot of kids realised the problems that they could help with so they are ready to think about the actions they could take to make the world a better place.

Exhibition Diary Week 5-6.

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