Central Idea Checklist

Central Ideas could be tricky to come up with. It is always helpful to have a guideline or checklist to look at or tick.

Central Idea checklist

So the main aim of this checklist to help students create a relevant Central Idea for their PYP Exhibition. Also, it could be useful for us teachers too when we are stuck with our Central Idea for the new unit of inquiry.
Our checklist to complete which helps us create the Central Ideas for the PYP Exhibition.

  1. Can it be linked with the transdisciplinary theme?
    (The descriptor of the unit is projected so students are able to see and check it.)
  2. Is it a big idea or a fact?
    (It has to be emphasized that it shouldn’t be a fact. Something we already know like Yellow is a colour.)
  3. Is it only one idea or ideas connected with each other?
  4. Is it true?
  5. Would our Central Idea be worth studying in any part of the world? It is an important question as we try focusing on global issues.
  6. Is the Central Idea interesting enough to investigate on, study about and take action on?
  7. Are we able to take action because we have better understanding on this idea?
  8. Will we be able to show our understanding of the Central Idea in different ways?
  9. Will understanding the Central Idea help us to understand the world around us?
  10. Will we be improving our skills and knowledge?
  11. Does our Central Idea help us develop deeper understanding of key concepts and some related concepts?

Printable PDF: Central Idea Checklist

After we went through and discussed the questions and what is behind each question as a class, student started to work on their central ideas in their groups. Giving them the checklist (you can find here linked to the post) helped them to write, and re-write their Central Idea as they answered these questions related to their own central idea.
Does it help you or your students? Do you have other questions to write? Please leave a comment below.

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